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Savoring Up

Rest. Be. Be at rest.  I'm practicing that last sentence with two weeks off of the day job, and plenty of time to lay on the bed drinking Bubly and watching this adorably sweet Korean drama.  Yes, you read that correctly: I'm totally addicted to this Netflix series Crash Landing Onto You, with the all-essential subtitles.  Go watch it, and you can be oddly enticed too. 

So much of life is hustle and bustle. Be on. Get your hours in. Make the effort. Pay the bills.  Reach out. Cook healthy.  Don't forget to exercise! Wait, the CRV's oil needs to be changed. Buy those Christmas gift and bake those goodies.  I think I have a cavity.  Think rightly, and don't take things personally.  Etc. Etc. Etc...  
There have been so many days I seriously have wished I could just go back to reading the Boxcar Children and playing with my American Girl doll.  I've felt so disillusioned with this whole adulting thing lately.  The week before Christmas I stood in my bathroom serio…

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